The Woman Who’s Shaking Up Britain’s Labour Leadership Campaign

SOWERBY BRIDGE, England — Shaking the raindrops from her waterproof jacket, its oversized hood nearly covering her eyes, Lisa Nandy bundled into the Willow Cafe with a smile and an easy hello.

Ms. Nandy, 40, a Labour politician, is vying for her party’s leadership and was here to meet with residents of this small town in West Yorkshire that had been devastated by flooding days earlier.

As she sat with local leaders over a cup of tea to discuss the impact and the logistics of rebuilding a region in crisis, her brow furrowed as they listed their concerns.

But another crisis was also front of mind for Ms. Nandy: the one facing Britain’s Labour Party, which is still reeling from a December election that saw its support base in northern England crumble and delivered its worst result since 1935, spelling the end of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Read more at The New York Times. 

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